About AIRpipe USA

AIRpipe is a provider of superior performing compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas piping systems. We have been advancing the compressed air and inert gas industry with aluminum piping solutions; engineered for long-term reliability, improved productivity, and environmental sustainability, and all while reducing operating costs. Engaging worldwide in the compressed air industry since 1997, we have over 10 years’ of experience that includes more than 12,000 satisfied customers with  20,000 worldwide projects installing 42,000 kilometers of pipe in 21 countries. With the growing success of AIRpipe, the company now manufactures their own aluminum pipe and fittings for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas piping systems. All AIRpipe manufactured aluminum piping and fittings are backed by a 10-year quality guarantee.  READ MORE ABOUT AIRpipe

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We are available to provide on-site design, construction, and engineering support services. Part of our system solutions is to provide certified hands-on training for contractors, installers, and end users.

Let us save you time and money by letting us perform your take-offs. Provided you already have a bill of materials (BOM) we can generate a quote for you within 24 hours.

We have been involved in over 5,000 applications. With our experience working with large corporations and specifications engineer’s we are available to assist with establishing and writing specification for applications.

We pride ourselves  on having product available when you need it. We are committed to maintaining the largest inventory of aluminum pipe and aluminum pipe fittings in North America.

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