Compressed Air and the Craft Brew Industry

You don’t have to be a hipster to realize the craft brewing industry is exploding across the US. Craft brewers and other facilities are using compressed air in making the brews that turn heads and win awards.

Without compressed air, the brewing process would be much more difficult. Aeration, for example, is a key part in the fermentation process. Yeast cultures require oxygen, and oil-free air compressors provide clean compressed air.
After the fermentation process, many craft breweries use compressed air to provide power to machinery during clarifying. Beers are clarified in a pressure-driven centrifuge to remove any solids left behind after fermentation.

Most commonly, the bottling process makes use of compressed air as the beer is transferred from conditioning tanks to the bottling machinery- and compressed air also ensures the lines are clean and free of water.
Finally, air compressors in craft breweries power pressure washers that maintain a sanitary operation. Other pneumatic tools come into use for regular maintenance and installation of new equipment.

In large-scale craft brewing facilities or the smallest of microbreweries AIRpipe can answer any questions you might have, and get you equipped and installed and creating whatever magic ales your brew masters can come up with.