Welcome to AIRpipe USA

Welcome to the new website for AIRpipe USA, let us tell you how AIRpipe is advancing the compressed air industry.

AIRpipe is focused on designing and manufacturing sustainable solutions. R&D, system installation, and long-term efficient operations through the life of a buildings piping systems expresses our commitment to extending sustainable and energy efficient operations – Throughout our facilities and yours.


It is the responsibility of corporations to be global stewards towards ensuring not only the sustainability of our planet, but the improvement of its climate systems.

Chad Hills | Managing Director | April 2016


Aluminum pipe can be supplied in single 20 ft lengths (box quantities not required) available from 3/4″ to 8″.

Installation is flexible, quick and easy.

Resistant to corrosion, vibration and heat. The air is preserved throughout the system up to the point of use.

Performance of the AIRpipe system differentiates itself through superior design, high quality materials, and controlled production processes.

Integration with an existing compressed air main ring system is possible with the extensive range of pipe and fittings.

Peace of mind knowing AIRpipe is environmentally friendly & supported with a manufacturer 10-year quality warranty.

Energy efficient low friction inner surface eliminates airflow restriction, significantly reducing the pressure drop.