Choosing Compressed Air Systems for Auto Garages

Compressed air systems are necessary for automotive garages. Compressed air is used for a multitude of things such as cleaning, inflating tires, and powering air tools and paint sprayers.

Whether you are opening a new garage or replacing your garage’s existing air system, you are probably unfamiliar with the operation and design of air systems. You are an expert in repairing autos, but maybe not up to snuff on what system is needed for your shop.

Location, Location, Location

Similar to where your shop is located, the layout location of your system is an important factor. This is because the size and shape of your garage will influence material selection, quantity, cost, and air compressor size to power the system.

When designing your system bear in mind that a closed loop system will provide more pressure than a linear layout if more than one outlet is needed.

Pipe Material

While there are a multitude of choices we are slightly bias towards aluminum. However, there is steel, high density polyethylene (HDPE), polyethylene of raised temperature (PE-RT), and nylon.

With aluminum you have a material that is easy to install because it is rigid. With no soldering or welding required since it can be connected using compression fittings. Since aluminum is not susceptible to gas diffusion, air will not be lost through the walls of the aluminum piping.

Compressor Choice

A high capacity compressor can supply air to multiple outlets so that one employee can use an impact wrench wile other employees clean bearing and inflates tires. However, if you do not have multiple outlets or plan to use only compressed air in short bursts, you may not need a high capacity tank.


Each system you look at will have associated costs, some greater than others. It would be best to balance the potential costs of the system that meets your demand against these other factors:

  • Materials Cost
  • Installation Cost
  • Operating Costs
  • Maintenance Costs

While the process can appear nerve racking feel free to reach out to AIRpipe Customer Service and a trained expert can help guide you towards a system that is right for you at