Compressed Air New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions aren’t only for personal matters; they’re also useful for your facility!

Compressed air typically accounts for up to 40% of a manufacturing facility’s total energy bill, and the most expensive component in the total cost of compressed air is energy consumption.

When taking this into account, it stands to reason that by taking the time ensure that your system is functioning as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We’re highlighting three key compressed air resolutions we think you should focus on:

Get an Audit – air audits are essential in revealing a myriad of underlying issues that may be sabotaging your compressed air pressure and quality, or consuming excess energy.

Filtration Matters – by implementing a robust filtration system, you’re improving the quality of your compressed air while simultaneously increasing your system’s efficiency

Consider Your Compressed Air Quality – efficient production processes and uncontaminated end products rely on the purity of compressed air, which means that poor quality compressed air can result in extensive damage and lead to serious performance degradation.