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Compressed Air System Tips for Summer

Summer is here, and with it long days of heat and humidity in some regions. Which can take a toll not only on your people but your compressed air systems.To help with have compressed air system tips! High temperatures combined with additional condensate in the air can cause performance issues with your system, unless you’re prepared. Facility and maintenance managers should be taking the time to prepare for the increased strain their machines will face in the warmer summer months. Here are a couple of quick, easy steps you can take to ensure your compressed air system is ready for summer.

  • Lower Flow Rates – when the temperature is higher, the air becomes less dense, which results in less air coming through your intake system
  • Clean Filters – just like your vehicle getting better performance the same is true for your air compressor
  • Check Pressure – check pressure gauges to ensure that pressure is remaining constant. A slight fluctuation of 501 psi could be due to the compressed air inside the lines cooling down. If it is unable to stabilize this may be a result of leaks
  • Check Drains – for regions with high humidity make sure that your drains are clear and in working order so they can handle increased air flows.
  • Increase Oil Checks – dirt and contamination checks during the summer should be increased and inspected

Taking a few steps to ensure your system is solid for summer means your processes won’t slow down or come to a grinding halt.