AIRpipe Leak Detection

Detecting Leaks in Compressed Air Systems

Air leakage is equivalent to throwing money away for no reason. In addition to being a source of wasted money and energy, leaks can also contribute to other operating losses. Leaks cause a drop in system pressure, which can make air tools function less efficiently, adversely affecting production. In addition, by forcing the equipment to cycle more frequently, leaks shorten the life of almost all system equipment (including the compressor package itself). Increased running time can also lead to additional maintenance requirements and increased unscheduled downtime. Finally, leaks can lead to adding unnecessary compressor capacity.Every plant has leaks in the compressed air system. The degree to which the problem exists determines how much loss is actually being experienced. It’s widely known and reported that countless air systems have as much as 35 percent lost air. That’s a lot of waste, watch how Nissan does about detecting leaks in their compressed air systems