Three Common Applications for Aluminum Piping

Aluminium piping has many benefits, but the characteristic that has seen its popularity surge in recent years is versatility. Ease of installation and overall cost savings have made it the preferred choice in a range of industries, leading to its use in a number of applications; with fire, water and air being three of the most common.

1. Fire

Aluminium is lightweight, robust and able to withstand high temperatures. This makes it ideal for use in fire protection systems, which are a crucial aspect of the emergency response to building fires. Fire protection systems stop fires from becoming destructive and reduce the impact of uncontrollable infernos.

Despite the sporadic nature of these incidents their effectiveness is critical, and they are essential in maintaining the structural integrity of the building.  It’s a given that high quality components are a must, so corrosion-resistant products are essential to ensuring that systems are maintained at optimal levels.

Uses: High rise buildings, underground car parks, hospitals, shopping centres, apartments.

2. Water

Effective water distribution is essential to the operation of all residential and commercial buildings. Water systems carry very high volumes, and are heavily relied upon for a variety of domestic and commercial uses. Leaks can cause serious disruptions, resulting in downtime, loss of revenue or building damage.

Water distribution systems operate at differing pressures, and aluminium piping is capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures and pressure: from cold to boiling, and from standard to high pressure. Water systems need to be well built and reliable, so high quality piping and fittings are essential.

Uses: Domestic, commercial and industrial buildings, guerney systems, car wash, processing plants.

3. Air

Compressed air piping systems deliver air direct to the point of use, and are suitable for a variety of domestic and industrial uses. They are available for standard and high pressure applications, and are a highly cost-effective solution for air pressure from 16 – 70 bar working pressure, depending on the type.

High pressure systems are riskier than standard systems, so a good quality system is vital to avoid leakage. Compressed air systems can be vulnerable to corrosion, so a corrosion-resistant brand can protect the integrity of the system, minimising the need for repairs.

Uses: Blow moulding, diving equipment, automotive workshops, food processing plants, abattoirs, service stations, RAAF bases, train support facilities, mining.