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Traditional Pipe Fittings vs. Quick Drop Fittings

You may be new to compressed air piping or perhaps you are interested to know if there truly is a difference. First let’s take a look what a traditional fitting is defined as. Traditional pipe fittings use a series of elbows and an equal tee to connect pipes within your system. With a quick drop fitting, it will attach the around the outside of a pipe and create a seal using an o-ring.

For greater detail we will explore the differences:

Ease of installing aluminum air pipe with pipe fittings

With traditional fittings, you will need to thread or solder pipe within your compressed air system. This will require more time involvement, can create more downtime, and will require workers to carry more equipment around for installation. In addition, specialized tools will likely be required when using the traditional installation process.

Quick drop fittings can help lessen the burden of pipe installation. No special tools are required for this process as installers can easily drill a hole on the side or top of your pipe without a crimp tool, removal tool, soldering tool, etc. After that, you should be able to easily connect the new line of pipe to your system.

Versatility of Fittings

Traditional fittings require you to cut pipes every time a new drop needs to be added.

Quick drop fittings also allow for easy installation after your compressed air system is already in place. Easily attach the quick drop to any portion of your header pipe and begin drilling your connection.

Condensation Control

Built-up condensation can leak onto your equipment and tools, which can lead to premature failures with traditional fittings. This happens as condensation can easily form in the header pipe if you are pointing downward. In order to avoid this problem in a traditional system you would need more elbows.

With a quick drop fitting, you can easily create a drop from the header pipe. In doing so the condensation can remain in the bottom half of the pipe to be drained later leaving your tools and equipment unharmed from condensation that has built up.

Efficiency Towards Cost Savings

Time is money, that much is true for every business especially when every person installing pipe in your system receives a check. While the initial cost of quick drop fittings does trend on the higher side than the cost of traditional connectors, this cost is saved during installation with the time and expenses paid.